Division Tutor - Improve Your Grades!

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  Use the Division Tutor to learn and practice the short form method for division including the different ways
of dealing with remainders, how to use recurring notation and how to convert fractions to decimals.  

The division tutor does at it says!

Simply put, this program is designed to be a fun way of learning and practising division sums.  It has been designed to provide support, provide explanatory feedback (where appropriate) and match the user's competency level.

The user works at their own speed and can pay as much or as little attention to the "Division Tutor's" dialogue as they desire.  The program is designed to motivate the user by calculating a percentage score for each question and a level average which is also a measure of the user's learning progress.

Screen Shots

frontscreen  Program in Action! 
The Front Page  The Program in Action 
Question Score  Level Average 
Feedback Question Score - Congratulatory 100%! Good Level Average Achieved!